Top 50 Blogs on the Medicinal Marijuana Controversy

Medicinal marijuanaOne of the topics of controversy recently has been the use of medical marijuana. Marijuana is considered a controlled substance and is illegal for general use. There are health concerns associated with marijuana, as most doctors and BSN professionals could let you know. But there are those that insist that marijuana health challenges are on par with alcohol and cigarettes.

Even though marijuana is banned for general use, it is allowed — in some states — for medicinal purposes. Recent developments regarding marijuana have brought the debate on medicinal marijuana back to the nation’s center stage. Here are 50 blogs that can provide some helpful insight on the medicinal marijuana debate:

Blog Posts on the Medicinal Marijuana Debate

Cannabis plantA number of blogs have addressed the issues surrounding the debate over the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Here some blog posts that examine the different sides of the issue.

  1. Room for Debate: The New York Times offers a blog post on its popular site with an eye on the medical marijuana debate and what policy moves it entails.
  2. NORML Blog: This blog focuses on working to reform marijuana laws and offers a post bringing your attention to a video debate between Ron Paul and Stephen Baldwin on medical marijuana.
  3. Washington City Paper: Looks at the latest incarnation of the medical marijuana debate, and looks at both sides.
  4. Political Fix: Provides background on the medicinal marijuana debate in Missouri.
  5. Medical Marijuana Clinics: Looks at the controversy surrounding California’s clinics and dispensaries of medicinal marijuana.
  6. Legalization of Marijuana: Presents an interesting post on the debate surrounding marijuana legalization.
  7. Hemp News: Looks at the medicinal marijuana debate in New York state, and the points being made.
  8. Looks at different sides of the medicinal marijuana debate, providing an overview and presenting the for and against sides of the argument.
  9. Learn. Genetics.: This blog from the University of Utah offers a look the medicinal marijuana controversy.
  10. You Debate: Offers different views on medicinal marijuana.
  11. National Geographic: Provides some insight into the medicinal marijuana debate, and the different issues.
  12. Paging Dr. Gupta: Addresses the ways that the debate over medical marijuana changing.
  13. Oncology Nursing News: Addresses the debates in different states, and across the nation regarding medicinal marijuana.
  14. Debatepedia: Looks at the context and background of the debate surrounding medicinal marijuana, and identifies the main issues.
  15. UPI: Offers a look at the medicinal marijuana debate in California, especially surrounding the clinics.
  16. WiscTvChannel3000: This YouTube video addresses the medical marijuana controversy in Wisconsin.
  17. Voice of America: Looks at the growing marijuana debate in California as the marijuana industry expands since the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

Medicinal Marijuana Policy

smoking a marijuana jointThese blogs and blog posts look at the policies behind medicinal marijuana use, how they should be enforced, and what a system might look at.

  1. Fox New Health Blog: This post looks at what’s behind the medical marijuana debate, and offers a look at policy.
  2. CB Healthcare Blog: Offers an interesting post on the policies surrounding medicinal marijuana use in the workplace.
  3. Nine to Thrive: Looks at policies surrounding disqualification of employees due to medicinal marijuana use.
  4. Seattle PI: Tackles the news that the ACLU and marijuana petitioners are clashing over legalization efforts in Washington.
  5. Civil Liberties: Here is an interesting look at why marijuana, is illegal. Even includes the point that on a national level, medicinal marijuana has yet to be accepted.
  6. Associated Content: Offers an interesting argument against the legalization of marijuana, even for medical reasons.
  7. Looks at marijuana policy facts, state laws and information related to medicinal marijuana use.
  8. Marijuana Policy Project: Concerns with the problems that would result from wider medicinal marijuana use.
  9. Presents its own reasons that marijuana is problem, and that medical marijuana is “red herring.”
  10. College and University Blog: Looks at the problems that could result from legalizing marijuana.
  11. Health Blog: Reports on the medical marijuana policy to be followed by the Obama Administration.
  12. Shots: This NPR blog looks medicinal marijuana in New Jersey and its development and policies.
  13. FDA Law Blog: Offers information on policy for investigation guidelines and policies for medicinal marijuana.
  14. Medical Marijuana Policy: Looks at different news items and issues related to medicinal marijuana, and efforts to create policy.
  15. Inside Opinion: Looks at policies surrounding the “one patient per grower” policy in Washington.
  16. CAMLAW: This law blog on complementary and alternative medicine tackles the issues and policies surrounding the medicinal marijuana controversy.

Marijuana Culture Blogs

marijuana plantLearn a little more about the people that are interested in legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes — and beyond. These blogs look at the medicinal marijuana controversy a little differently than some of policy debates.

  1. Reality Catcher: Looks at marijuana policies, development and culture in different states.
  2. The Conservative Pothead: An interesting look at marijuana from a conservative standpoint.
  3. Cannabis Junction: Covers the latest in the world of marijuana and medicinal marijuana.
  4. CelebStoner: Follows marijuana use among celebrities.
  5. That was awkward…: A look at marijuana culture, as well as efforts to legalize.
  6. The Pothead Pundit: Looks marijuana policy, news and cultures.
  7. United States of Anthony: Random thoughts on policy, medicinal marijuana controversy and culture.
  8. AntiSoccermom: This mom looks at the marijuana debate and culture.
  9. The War on Drugs is a War on Me: Perspectives on medicinal marijuana from a patient.
  10. Resolving Marijuana Prohibition: Addresses the issues behind marijuana legalization.
  11. Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma: Shares YouTube videos and posts regarding drug policy and medicinal marijuana.
  12. Looks at marijuana culture and news — in Portuguese.
  13. Cannabis Culture: A look at marijuana culture and the news and policy surrounding medical use, as well as issues that arise.
  14. My Daily Toke: A look at news and culture, and marijuana. Addresses issues surrounding the medicinal marijuana controversy.
  15. Cannabis News: A look at different news items surrounding marijuana, use and medicinal purposes.
  16. The Weed Blog: Takes a look at the culture of marijuana, and issues surrounding its use — especially for medicinal purposes.
  17. Hats Radio: A blog and podcast that mixes environmental issues and marijuana issues, including medicinal purposes and general legalization.
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