Top 50 Blogs to Help You Live Healthy

More and more people are seeking a healthier lifestyle. Indeed, recent events in the economy have served as a wake up call for more than finances; for some, it is clear that fundamental changes need to be made in the way they live. If you are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, you can find helpful hints and advice — and people like you — on line. Here are 50 blogs that offer insight that can help you live healthy.

Overall Lifestyle Blogs

58307855These are blogs that address healthy living as an overall lifestyle. These blogs look at lifestyle design, and consider the whole picture.

  1. Abundance Tapestry: Learn about creating a new lifestyle around healthy habits for mind and body.
  2. Healthy Living Today: You can live a healthy lifestyle, even in today’s fast-paced world full of junk food and enticements to remain sedentary.
  3. La Dolce Vita: Orchestrate your life around what makes you happy, learning to live well, body and soul.
  4. Healthy Living: Will Taft offers insights in how you can live in a way that is healthy for you — and even for the earth.
  5. Health in Life: A look at what you can do to increase your health and enjoy life more fully.
  6. Ideal Bite: A look at healthy living from a bit-sized perspective. Learn how you can make small changes in your life that add up to a healthier lifestyle.
  7. Healthy Living Blog: Get ideas for better living, including food and fitness, as well as a holistic approach to healthy living.
  8. Whole Health Source: Learn more about wholesome living, for the body and the spirit. Helpful tips and insights into how you can improve your lifestyle.
  9. Think Simple Now: Sometimes you have to simplify in order to succeed at a healthier lifestyle. Here are some ways that you can think simpler — and live simpler.
  10. Live Lighter: Get ideas on healthy living from someone who once lived an unhealthy lifestyle.

Organic and Green Living Blogs

Many people believe that a healthy lifestyle can result naturally as a positive consequence associated with organic and green living. Here are some blogs that can help you live healthy — while being kind to the earth.

  1. Healthy Green Lifestyle: Explores how you can be greener and healthier through the lifestyle choices you make.
  2. Nature Moms: Get some great ideas from a mom who is close to nature. Learn how you can live healthy and green.
  3. Natural Health & Organic Living Blog: Learn how you can enjoy a naturally healthy lifestyle when you choose an organic lifestyle.
  4. Natural Life Magazine’s Editor’s Blog: Tips and hints on living healthier by living naturally. Includes information on natural parenting and healthy habits.
  5. The Green Guide: Get lifestyle and healthy living tips from a source that puts things into a green perspective.
  6. Green Living Tips: Integrate green living into your lifestyle, and enjoy better health.
  7. A Green Living: This blog features stories of interest related to healthy lifestyles and green living.
  8. Green Living Blog: This blog is provided by Green Footsteps, and offers tips, hints and recipes that can help you live healthy through a green lifestyle.
  9. Natural Family Blog: Learn about healthy living from this family trying to live naturally.

Self Reliance and Self Sufficiency Blogs

Part of an overall healthy lifestyle is learning to be somewhat self reliant and self sufficient. Here are some blogs that can help you learn more about a lifestyle that is healthy and self sustaining.

  1. Life on the Balcony: Learn how you can live healthy life, and improve your self sufficiency, even when you live in a condo or apartment.
  2. The Cottage Smallholder: This is about raising your own food and taking care of yourself, even if you live in a small space.
  3. Providently Yours: Learn about living within your means, food storage and how a healthy lifestyle can help you live better.
  4. The Garden Monkey: Learn how to more effectively grow your own produce to reduce your reliance on stores. And learn how it’s healthier to grow your own food!
  5. Real Self Reliance: Learn how you can raise your own food, and learn how you can be self reliant in other ways — including emergency preparedness — for a healthier lifestyle.
  6. Adventures in Self Reliance: Emergency preparedness, health, food storage and frugal living are all topics on this blog showing you how to live healthy through self sufficiency.
  7. Gardening Nude: Learn how to grow your own food from this blog that focuses on helping you grow healthy, wholesome produce.

Nutrition Blogs

Learn about proper diet and nutrition from these blogs addressing healthy eating habits.

  1. Joanna’s Food: Get ideas on cooking healthy from scratch.
  2. Circle of Food: Get helpful information on healthy eating, recipes and food recalls.
  3. The Ethicurean: Learn about eating healthy, and organic, while still eating well. Delicious!
  4. Kalyn’s Kitchen: Yummy and healthy recipes and ideas for better eating.
  5. Dr. Weil: Get more information on healthy eating and diet in this blog that offers a fusion of Eastern and Western nutrition philosophies.
  6. Vegetarian Foodie: Learn how you can enjoy good food as a vegetarian. And learn how to be healthy as a vegetarian.
  7. Eat Live Run: Read this food journal for ideas on incorporating healthy eating into your lifestyle.
  8. steph chows: A great blog on healthy eating that tastes good.
  9. Nutritional Health Blog: Learn how different foods can help you improve your health on different levels.

Exercise and Fitness Blogs

Find out how you can live healthy through exercise and fitness. Tips and hints to improve your overall health.

  1. Walking Blog: offers this foray into the health benefits of a simple form of exercise: walking.
  2. Old Man Running: Get inspiration for better fitness from this blog following a senior gentleman.
  3. Female Fitness Blog: This blog is aimed at helping women achieve their fitness goals for healthier living.
  4. Zen to Fitness: Incorporating a zen lifestyle with increased fitness.
  5. Fitness Destinations: Learn about different exercise and training techniques that can help you reach your health goals.
  6. Cranky Fitness: A guide to help you live healthy through better fitness.
  7. Melinda’s Fitness Blog: Exercise routines and tips to help your workout.
  8. Fitness Blog: offers this blog focused on family fitness. Develop healthy living together.

Mind and Spirit Blogs

Part of living healthy is taking care of your mind and spirit. Here are some blogs that can help you with your total health.

  1. World of Psychology: Learn about mental health, and how to be healthy in mind, and address mental illness.
  2. Urban Monk: Learn about how you can find happiness in life and in overcoming challenges.
  3. The Positivity Blog: Learn about how you can live more positively, improving your outlook and mental state.
  4. The Transition Project: Get some guidance and help on keeping your spirit healthy, along with your body and mind.
  5. Live Mindfully: Focus your mind to improve your health through mindful meditation, eating and more.
  6. Yoga and Meditation Blog: Learn about staying holistically healthy with the help of yoga and through meditation.
  7. This blog focuses on the connections between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, helping you live healthy overall.
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