LPN to BSN Programs

LPN to BSN programs allow licensed nurses to earn their bachelors degree in nursing.

The Nursing Profession

Nurses are key members of the healthcare team. These healthcare professionals provide any number of medical procedures, including administering injections, proscribing drugs, taking vial signs, consulting with patients, and providing a host of other medical assistance. The job description of each nursing position has a lot to do with the education and license of the individual. Registered nurses are employed by insurance companies, governmental agencies, community/public health agencies, private industry, school districts, and ambulatory surgery centers, among others.

What are the Requirements for Earning an BSN Degree?

Curricula include courses on Transition from LPN to BSN, Nursing Care for Adults, Comprehensive Health Assessment for Nursing Practice, Population-Focused Community Health Nursing, and Nursing in Mental Illness. A variety of programs are self-paced, module driven systems of learning that offer one-on-one mentorship and counseling. Clinical components can be completed near your home with an approved preceptor, who will further your educational path towards your bachelors in nursing degree. Application requirements include a minimum GPA, current licensure as a practical nurse, and completion of practical nurse degree requirements. Graduates are found throughout the healthcare system, working in small clinics, hospitals, and regional medical centers.

Featured Online BSN Programs and Schools

For LPNs or RNs looking to make more of a contribution in their nursing professions, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) is a good step in the right direction. Below you'll find online schools schools that offer programs to help you achieve your nursing goals.

Kaplan University — If you're an RN looking for more responsibilities (and a larger paycheck), the RN to BSN completion degree program from Kaplan is an ideal choice. The online coursework includes studies in ethics, health care policies, health promotion, and much more.

Grand Canyon University — For registered nurses looking to improve their careers or take on more of a role, GCU offers an RN to BSN program that is sure to be of good value. Grand Canyon's program focuses on both the science and the art of nursing, so that students get a full education of the field.

Utica College — Utica College offers a fully accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing online program. The online program covers a wide range of topics including: Nursing Management, Clinical Pharmacology, Community Health Nursing and Health Assessment. The same professors that teach on campus teach students in the online program.

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